Industrial Goods & Services

The industrial goods and services industry is facing new challenges. Government infrastructure spending is decreasing and growing global competition is challenging revenues. In addition, increased regulation had added pressure to the bottom line.

To overcome these challenges, industrial corporations need to develop growth strategies and be innovative in their products and services to embrace increasingly robust and technical requirements. The fourth industrial revolution is posing additional challenges to overcome.

Identifying key customer requirements and developing strategies to accommodate these - while still optimising the bottom line - can be a daunting task. At Singular, we have the industry knowledge and necessary skills to bring you results. We will develop a new business model that ensures you benefit from market conditions by performing thorough market research and developing and implementing sound solutions that offer you a competitive advantage.

Natural Resources & Energy

The complexity and risks for companies in natural resources and energy are increasing: oil prices are volatile; global competition is growing; technology integration is increasing; climate change issues are becoming more severe and government regulations are more stringent.

To succeed in this disruptive industry, organisations need to develop new business models, rethink strategies and achieve value-creating growth. Mining companies, in particular, need to restore their investor confidence by balancing production, quality, safety and cost.

At Singular, we have consultants who are passionate and highly experienced in these sectors. We assist leading international clients in identifying new opportunities and implementing ways to achieve high value results: from corporate strategy, to innovation, performance improvement and organisational design.

Logistics & Infrastructure

There is an ongoing revolution in the transport and logistics sector. Competition between methods of transport is increasing, e-commerce is rapidly growing and demands on operational performance and profitability are higher than they ever been. These factors are all leading to changes in the economic, industrial and commercial models of companies in this sector.

Success depends on optimising costs of investment, maintenance and operation while enhancing global brands and improving digital capabilities. To remain efficient, logistics and infrastructure companies need to identify means of optimisation and adopt appropriate financial models.

Singular helps logistics and infrastructure companies to design and implement strategies that will give you a lead in market developments. We will ensure clients are agile in their resource allocation and their processes are more efficient through digital transformation.

Private Equity & Principal Investors

Private equity has become a seller’s market with high valuations. Uninvested capital, ‘dry powder’, has grown significantly. As expected returns are declining, buyers are becoming nervous.

In order to succeed in this market environment and generate above-market return for investors, buyers have to be more disciplined than ever. Targets need to be scrutinised in a dispassionate, realistic way. Superior information is the foundation for superior returns.

But buyer’s diligence must extend beyond closing. Financial engineering and multiple expansion are no longer the strongest drivers for value creation. The spotlight today is on operational improvement: creating top-line growth, expanding operating margins and reducing administrative expenses.

Singular helps investors gain superior insight with first-class commercial due diligence reports. Immediately post transaction, we support value creation in a portfolio company by planning all required actions to kick-start operational improvement in the first 100 days. Further down the investment cycle, we support long-term value enhancement by working closely, collaboratively and in a results-focused manner with both the investor and the portfolio company’s top management.

Software / IT

Put simply, successful software companies are the ones that manage to rapidly grow their customer base while keeping the customer churn at a minimum. In other words, their products must be both attractive enough for their customers to subscribe to them in the first place, and sticky enough to keep them.

Typical value levers to address growth and profitability in the short and mid-term are: pricing structure (finding the right pricing model and optimal price points), marketing and sales (increasing the inflow of leads and creating higher conversion rates) and customer service (resolving customers’ issues to keep them happy).

The single most important long-term lever – to address both new and existing customers – is product development. Product development can be broken down into the prioritisation of new features in the development pipeline and the agility of the development process itself.

Singular helps Software and IT companies to ask the right questions, and to form a coherent strategy out of the answers. We also understand that values and culture in IT companies can differ significantly from other corporate environments, and our teams bring the necessary soft skills to create positive, results-focused and lasting impact together with our clients.

Social & Public Sector

The impact of automation, an aging workforce and globalisation are making it more difficult to achieve global stability. The roles and expectations of governments are evolving as their challenges increase in complexity and move across economic sectors and international borders.

The public and social sector needs to work collaboratively to fight poverty, ensure job creation, develop infrastructure and improve service delivery. Though a country’s financial status is important, the citizen’s standard of living is too, which is why companies need to start turning ideas into impact.

We apply proven methodologies and front-line thought leadership to enable companies in this sector to keep pace with changing social priorities and economic realities. At Singular, we design and tailor methodologies - through our local and global knowledge and experience - to help clients provide effective and sustainable service. Our deep expertise helps our clients deliver on their strategies and achieve visible results.



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